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Keiki Heroes “Recharging Stations” Fueled by Local Business Partners

Keiki Heroes who have taken the Keiki Hero pledge can visit “Recharging Stations” to claim discounts, Keiki Heroes collateral and other goodies. These “Recharging Stations,” fueled by local businesses who have taken their own pledge to support Keiki Heroes, are popping up all over the island. Becoming a business partner is easy and the level of support is flexible.

To get started, partners sign up by pledging to uphold the “3P Pledge”:

  • Practice COVID safety and responsibility in their business/organization and community.
  • Promote keiki COVID safety and awareness in their business/organization, with employees and in the community.
  • Provide Keiki Heroes with incentives to motivate or support them to take the Keiki Heroes Pledge.

Learn More

Keiki Heroes Business Partner benefits are numerous and rewarding. The program provides exposure through various advertising channels including recognition on the Keiki Heroes website and social media. Enrollment reassures the public of the business’s commitment to supporting a safe and healthy community. Keiki Heroes and their families are encouraged to patronize business partners to “Recharge” and collect Keiki Hero Rewards. Aligning business values with additional sales opportunities is a win-win for everyone.

Keiki can acquire a Keiki Hero ID card by taking the Keiki Hero pledge. After a child takes the Keiki Hero pledge, they are presented with a personalized Keiki Hero certificate and a Keiki Heroes ID card. Keiki can save it to their phone or print it and then present it at a participating business to redeem rewards. The card offers a fun way to reinforce their commitment with tangible rewards.

“Recharging Station” details are available online at

Keiki Heroes Partners include:

  • Suisan Company Ltd.
  • Aloha Theatre
  • HPM Building Supply
  • Creative Arts Hawaii
  • CU Hawaii FCU
  • Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water
  • Hawaii Science and Technology Museum
  • Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
  • Lex Brodie’s Tires
  • Poi Dog Deli, LLC
  • Engineering Partners
  • Hawaiian Electric Light Company
  • KTA Superstores
  • The Success Factory/Nextech
  • W.M. Keck Observatory
  • Imiloa Astronomy Center
  • YWCA Developmental Preschool
  • Gum Design LLC
  • Hawaii Diaper Bank
  • The Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo
  • East Hawaii Cultural Center
  • Hilo Crescent City Lions Club

If you are interested in becoming a Keiki Heroes Business Partner, visit take the Business Partner 3P pledge and get involved.

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Our Mission

Keiki Heroes promotes health education materials that are culturally relevant and age-appropriate to support the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of children in Hawai‘i. We believe that keiki can be heroes by helping themselves and others to adopt healthy habits to support community health.

Your tax-deductible donation funds Keiki Heroes’ content development and distribution. Email to find out easy ways to donate monetary, time, and talent!

As of 2022, Keiki Heroes became a project under Hawai‘i Public Health Institute.