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Keiki Heroes provides free art tutorials in collaboration with local artists across Hawaiʻi. Superpower Art Adventure empowers keiki to draw on their strength and contribute to our community. Art elevates children’s voices, validates their contributions and shares their optimistic messages with the community so in need of inspiration and hope.

Everyone has superpowers.
We are inviting keiki of all ages to explore their superpowers and name them.

Is reading your superpower? Are you a good listener? Do you make things well? Do you care for the ‘āina? Are you compassionate? Are you great at pretend play?

Art connects us.
Art is about trying new things, expressing ourselves and connecting deeply inside and outside. It helps us soothe and heal. Art can be a good way to express something that’s hard to say. Through art, we connect with our own thoughts and feelings and with other people.

Share Your Art Adventure

Keiki of all ages are welcome to share thier for display in the Community Gallery.

What can keiki do?


Everyone has superpowers…and you do, too. And you probably have more than one. There are so many superpowers, and we’re all different. What’s your superpower, and how will you use it for good?


The Superpower Art Adventure is an on-going opportunity for keiki to communicate through creative expression. The project collects submissions and displays them in the Community Gallery for display.

Keiki Heroes wants to provide fun and engaging options for keiki of all ages to explore art as a healing mode of expression. It’s important for our keiki to feel a sense of purpose and build resilience during this time. We believe that exercising creativity is one of the best ways for our keiki to feel empowered and understand their agency. 

By naming their superpower and creating original art, keiki build confidence and grow a sense of purpose. We invite keiki to share their art through our community gallery and find ways to use their superpowers for good, contributing to the community. Our keiki are an important part of our community!

By Bonnie Sol
By Bonnie Sol
By Dani Preston

Keiki Heroes recognizes the valuable contributions of artists in our community. Access to arts education is not available or accessible to all our children so we are excited to collaborate with local artists to highlight their talent and provide high quality arts education to keiki. We invite local artists of Hawaiʻi to co-create with us and help empower our children through our Superpower Arts Adventure initiative. We are providing a nominal stipend to the artists who contribute to our project and highlighting each participating artist on our website. If you are interested in creating an art class for this project, please email

By Bonnie Sol
By Dani Preston
By Bonnie Sol

What is target audience age range?

Audience target is elementary school students (5-10yrs old) but we think the whole ‘ohana will participate – both younger and older than that.

What is the length of the video tutorial?

Ideally, it will be about 15 minutes and 30 min max to keep our keiki audience engaged.

What is the deadline?

We are launching the project May 3rd and will be continuing to add content through the next couple of months as the program will go through end of July. There isn’t a set deadline but it would be ideal to have video content in the next month or so.

How much is the stipend for the artist?

We are fortunate to be able to offer $100 per video tutorial through partnership with some generous donors and business partners.

Could you share a sample of an art tutorial video?

Every artist is different so we’re really open to whatever style/format works best for you. Bonnie created two videos about drawing eyes – one emoji and one expressive real eyes. The idea was to encourage keiki to pay attention and observe and feel how we express ourselves through eyes.

Sample: Bonnie Sol’s Drawing Emoji Eyes

Who are other artists involved and what are their videos about?

  • Dani Preston did a series of three videos on creating soul collages: community, dream and shadow.
  • Therese Uyetake shared her art project she did with her students at de Silva which was creating a self portrait with a mask with various superpowers on the mask.
  • Noe Anderson is doing a movement piece – storytelling with various yoga positions.
  • Jeri Gertz is teaching about song writing and how to create lyrics to familiar tunes.

Partner with Keiki Heroes to provide incentives to keiki who share their art! 

We would appreciate your donations of any kind, including, but not limited to:

  • Financial donation
  • Gift card(s) or coupons to your business
  • Merchandise from your business
  • Other keiki-friendly prizes 

We will provide special acknowledgement to all the Business Partners who provide donations for this giveaway on our website, social media and in a press release announcing the drawing results.

By Dani Preston
By Bonnie Sol
By Dani Preston

Join Kai and Hōkū in the Superpower Art Adventure!

Everyone has superpowers…and you do, too.
And you probably have more than one. 

  • Is reading your superpower? Are you a good listener? 
  • Do you make things well? Do you care for the ‘āina? 
  • Are you compassionate? Are you great at pretend play?
  • There are so many superpowers, and we’re all different. 

What’s your superpower, and how will you use it for good?

Learn art. Try one or some or all of the classes.
Create your art. Pick a class you want to try and follow the instructions to create your art.
Share your art. Have an adult help you (if needed) to share your art, and it will be added to our Keiki Heroes Community Gallery.

Learn Art Now!

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Our Mission

Keiki Heroes promotes health education materials that are culturally relevant and age-appropriate to support the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of children in Hawai‘i. We believe that keiki can be heroes by helping themselves and others to adopt healthy habits to support community health.

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As of 2022, Keiki Heroes became a project under Hawai‘i Public Health Institute.