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Art is Not About the Outcome, Itʻs About the Process

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once [he or she] grows up.” – Pablo Picasso

Creating art is a universal activity that connects people together. As a means of communication, art transcends verbal language and joins people across cultures. People create art to express everyday life, challenges and dreams along with the intangible feelings and emotions they experience. As we age, we become conditioned to focus on the outcome, rather than the process. However, it is the process of creating art that researchers and therapists have found to be good for people’s mental health and well being.

The process of creating art takes concentration which can remove external pressures of daily worries and responsibilities. This focus is useful when experiencing challenging transitions or stress, especially for children. Children can use the artistic process to work through emotions that they may otherwise find difficult to express. By exploring how they feel and playing with various materials, children can convey emotions that they otherwise cannot find words to share, or are afraid of speaking. Being able to work through these emotions can release tension and provide validation that it’s ok to have such feelings. In turn, children are better able to accept and move on from situations that are beyond their control.

In the end, it’s not about what the art looks like, but the time spent focusing on themselves and the expressive creative outlet art allows. Keiki Heroes have the superpower of kindness. One component of kindness is to be kind to ourselves, to allow ourselves the space to feel, process and center in a world of challenges. Art projects allow children to express themselves without the pressures of performance, which can help them process situations and grow confidence in themselves to solve problems.

Keiki Heroes is currently spearheading a “Superpower Art Adventure.” Through a series of art instructional videos created by local artists, keiki can create and share their own art. Keiki of all ages across Hawaiʻi are encouraged to name their superpowers and create art.

Local Resources to the arts:
Wailoa Center
Donkey Mill Art Center
Volcano Art Center
Prince Dance Institute
Circle of Life Hilo
Center Stage Dance Studio
UH Hilo Performing Arts Center

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